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Thursday, 17 July 2014

My Book Review!

Roald Dahl is the best. For my book review I'm writing about Charlie and the great glass elevator. You would know it if you are a big Roald Dahl fan. But if you don't know Roald Dahl books get ready for a surprise.

Charlie and the great glass elevator is a amazing story it holds the worlds No.1 storyteller. I like this book because it has fascinating characters. It has great descriptive language also the has has a good hook. I also like the pictures because those pictures are very creative, It's like someone drew on the book.

So you must be wondering what happens in the book. In the book Willy Wonka, Charlie and his family are going on a adventure in Mr Wonka's  great glass elevator. But before I tell you anymore these are the characters Charlie Bucket, Mr Willy Wonka, Mr and Mrs Bucket, Grandpa Joe,Lancleot R. Gilligrass (the US president) and Miss Tibbs. So Mr Wonka and Charlie are travelling for something very important. But the travel doesn't go well. They hear a very bad noise that makes the elevator go crazy so Charlie and Mr Wonka need to find away to fix the great glass elevator. But if you want to know more you need to read the book.

I would recommend this book for all ages, also for people who love adventurous books, this book will make you feel like your in the story. So thats why you should read Roald Dahl Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Hope you enjoyed my book review please read the book

BY: Trish Chikowore. 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

The school holidays!

Wow I can't believe that its the school holiday's.I don't know what to do but I know that it is going to be really fun. I also have some holiday homework so I need to try to finish that so please wish me luck!

The School Musical.

The school musical was amazing it was the best musical ever.Everyone loved preforming in it I could see the amazing Talents. But the musical was very hard,but the best thing was that my class was the finishing act.


On Saturday my netball team did amazing. But the game was very tough but we did do better this time. The last time we played that team we lost big time, but this time the score was 23 all and we are very very happy.